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LUALUALEI STATION Note: Rollover or click on underlined text for more information.
The Lualualei Station is located at the Nanakuli Civil Defense Site.
The coordinates of the site are: 21 degrees 24 minutes 9.1 seconds north and
158 degrees 10 minutes 30.2 seconds west.
Current Hourly Data (11/16/2018  15:00 to 16:00 HST):
Parameter Value Air Quality Index
Sulfur Dioxide (1-hr ave) Missing Data Not Available (-999)
Ozone (8-hr ave) 24 ppb Good (22)
Carbon Monoxide (8-hr ave) 0.3 ppm Good (3)
Particulate (PM10 24-hr ave) 14 ug/m3 Good (13)
Nitrogen Dioxide (1-hr ave) Missing Data Not Available (-999)
Nitric Oxide (1-hr ave) Missing See note
Nitrogen Oxides (1-hr ave) Missing See note
Sulfur Dioxide (24-hr ave) 0 ppb See note
Sulfur Dioxide (3-hr ave) 0 ppb See note
Ozone (1-hr ave) 25 ppb See note
Carbon Monoxide (1-hr ave) 0.4 ppm See note
Particulate (PM10 1-hr ave) 9 ug/m3 See note
Wind Speed (1-hr ave) 5 mph  
Wind Direction (1-hr ave) SSE  
Temperature (1-hr ave) 83 deg F  
Precipitation (1-hr total) 0.00 inches  
Precipitation (24-hr total) 0.00 inches  
A DISCLAIMER: The data on this web site are preliminary and await review and validation by qualified staff.  The data may be revised or invalidated after review.  Every effort is made to assert the validity and integrity of the real-time data displayed on this web site, but data can be affected by equipment malfunctions, technical difficulties and other unforeseen circumstances.