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Aloha and welcome to the West Oahu Air Quality Monitoring website.

Hawaiian Electric Company operates a network of three ambient air quality monitoring stations located on the Waianae Coast.  The monitoring stations were placed into operation in April 2009 as part of a commitment made by Hawaiian Electric to the west Oahu communities.  The monitoring stations are one of six commitments made in conjunction with the development of a new power generating station at Campbell Industrial Park.  More information about these commitments, also referred to as community benefits or givebacks, can be found by clicking here.

Current real-time data for several air quality parameters that are measured at the stations are shown below in terms of the Air Quality Index.  The data are updated hourly at about 15 minutes after the hour.  More detailed information can be found on this web page by clicking the underlined text.



Air Quality Index

Date / Time (HST)

Waianae SO2 O3 CO PM10 PM2.5 NO2 07/18/2024  14:00 to 15:00
Lualualei SO2 O3 CO PM10 PM2.5 NO2 07/18/2024  14:00 to 15:00
Timberline SO2 O3 CO PM10 PM2.5 NO2 07/18/2024  14:00 to 15:00
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   Air Quality Index Key
Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups
Very Unhealthy
Data Not Available
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Past 7 Days
Past 30 Days
Special Notices

A DISCLAIMER: The data on this web site are preliminary and await review and validation by qualified staff.  The data may be revised or invalidated after review.  Every effort is made to assert the validity and integrity of the real-time data displayed on this web site, but data can be affected by equipment malfunctions, technical difficulties and other unforeseen circumstances.

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