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Community Benefits for CIP Generating Station Project

Hawaiian Electric proposed a Community Benefits package as part of its overall plan to develop its Campbell Industrial Park (CIP) Generating Station Project.  The CIP generator, which will run on biofuels, will add approximately 110 megawatts (MW) of peaking generating capacity on Hawaiian Electric’s system in order to meet the existing demand and forecasted future system load growth on the island of Oahu. 

The Community Benefits package was the culmination of a long process that included discussions with community advocates and leaders from areas potentially impacted by the new unit. 

Beginning in the summer of 2004, Hawaiian Electric began discussing plans for the new unit with neighboring communities.  Meetings with individuals and various community and business groups focused on describing the energy situation on Oahu and what it would take to meet Oahu’s energy needs.  These meetings also provided an opportunity for the community advocates and leaders to provide input about what community benefits were most important and appropriate for the affected communities.

As a result of these community meetings and dialogue and filings with the Public Utilities Commission, a set of Community Benefits was approved. 

The Community Benefits package consists of:

  • Construction of water facilities to substitute recycled water from the Board of Water Supply’s Honouliuli wastewater treatment plant (“RO (Reverse Osmosis) Water Pipeline Project”) for potable water  being used at the Kahe Power Plant; 
  • The addition of three air quality monitoring stations;
  • Resumption of the fish monitoring studies that Hawaiian Electric formerly conducted (“Environmental Monitoring Project”);
  • A long-term financial commitment from Hawaiian Electric to support conservation education initiatives in the Kapolei, Makakilo and Waianae Coast communities to be spearheaded by leaders in the community (“Conservation Education Program”);
  • A “report card” on Hawaiian Electric’s activities and distribution of the Campbell Local Emergency Action Network (“C.L.E.A.N.”) reports to the surrounding communities (“Community Report Card”); and
  • A reaffirmation of the Hawaiian Electric’s corporate commitment to provide strong charitable support for programs and activities in the West Oahu/Waianae Coast communities (“Corporate Support Program”).

This website was developed to share the Air Quality Monitoring information we are gathering as part of this community benefits package.